• News Release: 3/25/2021

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE on 03/16/2021
    Levil Technology Corp.
    The Virtual Foundry
    Complete Metal 3D Printing Lab

    Oviedo, FL: It is with great pride that we announce a partnership between Levil Technology, The Virtual Foundry, and Sapphire3D to provide you with an all-inclusive solution for setting up a complete metal 3D printing lab.

    By bringing together these three companies' expertise, we have created a turn-key solution to both additive and subtractive manufacturing. Our complete kit includes the Levil EDU-Mill with our industry-grade dual head 3d printer and a selection of Levil, FANUC, or Mitsubishi control, The Virtual Foundry's proprietary metal 3D printing filaments, which come in a variety of user-friendly materials, and Sapphire3D's safe and easy to use kiln.

    The possibilities for this package are endless! From training and education to prototyping, research & development, and production. Since the day we met, we found that we shared a common goal; to make metal 3D printing combined with CNC machining easy and affordable for schools and organizations across the US.
    The Virtual Foundry's Filamet™ metal 3D printing filaments are easy to print and post-process in the included hardware. They are the perfect choice for this package because of their flexibility and ease of use. With this package, anyone can make full metal parts.

    "Levil Technology could not have asked for better partners when it came to creating a metal 3D printing solution for our customers. We wanted local partners that would provide expertise and support to our users and not only did they deliver but also exceeded our expectations. Their products fit seamlessly with our space-conscious, low inertia machines. We cannot wait to see what our end users create when they have all these tools at their disposal."- General Manager, Andres Leon

    "The Virtual Foundry is proud to partner with Levil Technology to create a package that offers capabilities unique in the market. We appreciate their innovation in providing a full-service metal 3D printing bundle that includes CNC capabilities. This partnership was an easy decision and furthered our efforts to democratize metal 3D printing." - The Virtual Foundry President, Tricia Suess

    "Sapphire3D is excited to partner with Levil Technology to offer affordable metal 3D printing to educational and industrial organizations worldwide as part of their full-service metal 3D printing bundle. Sapphire3D kilns are safe and easy to operate, designed and developed to sinter The Virtual Foundry metal filaments. Our kilns are designed and built in the USA. We are in the very early innings of this technology, and I'm excited to see where Levil Technology, The Virtual Foundry, and Sapphire3D can take this partnership." - Sapphire3D President, Dave Lawson

    For more information on our complete metal 3D printing solution, please reach out to Sales@Levil.com. We look forward to helping you bring your ideas to life!

    Kind Regards,

    Ricardo Leon
    Sales and Marketing Manager
    Levil Technology Corp/Aviation Email: ricardo@levil.com
    Office: (407) 542-3971 EXT 106
    www.leviltechnology.com / www.levilaviation.com

    “Believe you can and you are halfway there” -Theodore Roosevelt.

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