• Imagine Academy Power-Kids Winter Season

    Imagine Academy Presents: 

    Winter/Spring Power-Kids Training

    For Children 7-14 Years Old

    What is PRIMAL-Power Kids Training?:

    Power Kids Training is an introductory strength and fitness program developed by Jimmy Brooks, owner of PRIMAL Strength and Fitness and Licensed Elementary School Teacher with over TWO DECADES of experience!

    Power-Kids Training introduces children ages 7-14 to developmentally appropriate and differentiated strength training. Coach Brooks & Coach Josiah plans fun and interesting challenges during each workout to keep children motivated and engaged.

    The Training Model

    Classes are offered in a 1:10 class ratio, meaning Coach Josiah + 10 Children. Coach Brooks has developed a training curriculum that includes proper warm-ups, calisthenics, mobility, agility, speed and strength training. Every training session includes every aspect of the program. There will be regular testing and competitions provided where children are able to earn awards and compete in a strongman inspired contest. 

    Benefits of PRIMAL- Power Kids:

    • Build sense of balance, coordination, and overall awareness of body

    • Build self-confidence in a safe atmosphere

    • Promotes peer encouragement and support

    • Improve endurance and sports performance

    • Reduce/prevent sports related injuries

       Please send an email to imagineacademystoughton@gmail.com to get a registration form.

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